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in Sables d'Olonne

Stay in our hotel and discover all the tourist charms of Sables d’Olonne. A coastal town in Vendée, Sables d’Olonne is a renowned seaside town. This town has several ports with different functions: industry, fishing and shopping. The town is centred on tourism, with its numerous beaches and magnificent seafront.

To see/To do

The walk along the embankment is the ultimate promenade in Sables d’Olonne. In the course of a stroll, you can admire the town’s lighthouses, and walk up to the small or large pier. In addition, being such a haven for tourists, the town holds numerous bars and also two casinos, to let you make the most of your nights in the town. You can also take a stroll to the Zoo. The Zoo in Sables d’Olonne is very distinctive because it is managed in such a way as not to harm the environment. Over around 3 hectares, there are more than 280 animals in danger of extinction, living among luxurious vegetation.
On the seaside, you can practise your favourite winter sports, go fishing on foot or go on a horse ride by the water.

A fun quirk: Wandering around the streets of Sables d’Olonne, you might arrive at the ‘Rue de l’Enfer’, the narrowest street in the world, which, in places, measures only 40cm in width. Finally, the Museum of the Abbey of Sainte Croix allows you to discover important works of modern and contemporary art. Numerous exhibitions take place there each year.

The ISO (Institut Sports Océan) : The Institut Sports Océan proposes to locals and tourists the chance to get into the pleasures of water sports. Every year, new activities are on offer (for example, in 2015: paddleboarding, catamaran).


The Notre Dame de Bon Port church has been listed as a historical monument since 1993. It is an example of the Counter-Reformation, for it is a mix of Gothic and Renaissance styles.
Other monuments are worth visiting during a visit to the town: the Saint-Nicolas Priory, the Sainte-Croix Abbey, the Château de la Chaume or the covered markets. The town also hold 3 attractive lighthouses: the Phare des Barges, the Phare de l'Armandèche and the Phare de la Petite Jetée.

Nature spots

Given its geographical location, Sables d’Olonne also has some beautiful nature sports. There is firstly the Grande Plage, the most popular beach which is 3km long.
Le Paracou beach is part of the Côte Sauvage and extends over 11km. Les Salines, the salt ponds with 80 production zones, are also worth seeing during a refreshing stroll. Discover Corniche du Nouch and its 2km long promenade. Conclude your visit to the town with a walk around the fishing port. It is the biggest port in Vendée and the 8th largest port in France. It specialises in cod, sardine and tuna fishing.


Ocean Festival: Every year in June, Sables d’Olonne, with the help of local associations and clubs, offers the possibility to discover many different water sports. Discover the pleasures of kayaking, dinghy and catamaran sailing. Sables d’Olonne is the scene of many water races:
Every 4 years, in November, a major event takes places in Sables d’Olonne: the Vendée Globe. This yacht race around the world, which has existed since 1989, is carried out alone, non-stop and without assistance. The Solo Maître CoQ race for its part takes place every year. It is the leading trial in the France Elite solo ocean racing championship.

A story about the Sables d’Olonne

The departure of the 2012/2013 Vendée Globe was the filming location for several scenes of the film En Solitaire, with François Cluzet.
For more information, visit the website of the Tourist Office of Sables d’Olonne.